Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nostrums and Bromides and Palliatives

Any wonder why Gore had a problem connecting with the regular folks? Those are the words he used to describe the current level of political debate in the country. I'll readily admit I had to go to (don't have a clue how I survived before he invented the internet) to find their meanings and IMHO I'm usually pretty good with words.

Hillary's Nanny State

True to form, Hillary rolled out her governance plan that was one big nanny state, the government will take care of you, Marxist agenda. Flopping Aces has a great rebuttal.

And how are the Dems doing with the economy now that they are in charge? Worst quarter since 2002...thanks again to all the "stay at home" Repubs for giving us such great "leaders" as a result!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Friends

I've added some new links to my list under "blogs on the mission field" to include the new friends I made in Burundi. I've also changed the format a little to show where everyone is serving. Go on over and see what is happening in the world and how you can help.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tale of Two Poles

According to Pelosi, after her trip to Greenland, she is now completely convinced of climate change. Well, maybe she wouldn't be sure if she had visited Antarctica instead.

Burundi God Moments Coming Soon

I have many stories to tell of the God moments while in Burundi, but I want to wait until I can process them a little more and also get some pictures to go with the stories. So, please stay tuned as I promise I will post them soon and may even have some of my awesome teammates do some guest posts to get some other insights of the trip.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Heading to Burundi

As most of you know, I'm heading to Burundi on Friday as a co-leader of a short term mission trip with 11 other awesome peeps! The map above shows the different places we will visit while there.

About our Mission: We will be working with World Relief, a Christian international development organization that works through the local churches in some of the world’s poorest areas. We will have the privilege of holding two rallies, discipling college age students, teaching seminars on evangelism and discipleship, encouraging local pastors, playing with children (many of whom are orphans), and sharing Christ’s love with those suffering from AIDS and other devastating illnesses.

About BURUNDI: Small, poor, densely populated, and landlocked, Burundi lies just south of the Equator in central Africa. Burundi has experienced many of the same devastating conflicts as Rwanda, yet with a fraction of the attention from the international community. Thirteen years of civil war have uprooted and devastated the lives of hundreds of thousands. Burundi ranks 169th on the Human Development Index of 177 ranked countries. One in five of Burundi’s children die before they reach the age of 5. And adult life expectancy is just 51 years. Yet against this backdrop of despair, Christians and indigenous churches equipped by World Relief are playing a pivotal role in Burundi’s recovery.

We will be in Burundi for 12 days and then on the way home we have a two day layover in Nairobi, Kenya and will have the opportunity to visit and spend some time with some of the orphans in Kibera (the place shown during the American Idol Gives Back show).

I'm not planning on having any access or time to be able to blog while there, but I promise to give a full report when I return. We get back to DC on the 27th.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bad...Blame Bush...Good...Be Silent

That is the motto of the Dems and the liberal media.

I knew it wouldn't be long before the Dems would try and find a way to blame President Bush for the Kansas tornado damage and sure enough it came from the Democratic governor of the state saying that she wasn't able to adequately respond to the needs of her state due to the National Guard troops being in Iraq. Well turns out that is completely wrong info and now she is backtracking trying to say she only meant if there was another disaster, they would be stretched thin, which still is completely false information according to the Guard commanders.

Then you have the awesome job done by the federal government and state government of NJ to stop a terrorist attack on Fort Dix and not a single word of praise can be found for the Bush administration stopping another attack.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Gross Misuse of Funds!!!

The Dems are proposing in the Intelligence Authorization Bill to spend money and task the intelligence community with studying global warming. This is absolutely ridiculous! It's not like they don't have anything better to do, like find terrorists or something like that. Just shows you again the completely misguided and dangerous priorities of the Dems when they would waste much needed funds and human resources that should be going to the finding and infiltrating the enemy during a war instead of funding their latest big government fear campaign.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

No Progress Whatsoever!

On Tuesday, President Bush gave a great speech to the over 30 CENTCOM Coalition forces ( mean this isn't unilateral???). In it he listed several accomplishments of the forces in the war on terror. Imagine what could be done if we were united in this fight against the enemy! Being you definitely don't hear about them in the MSM, here are just a few. Watch the video or read the transcript for the rest. Hat tip: Mike's America

Working together, America and our allies have shared intelligence that has helped thwart many attacks. We uncovered and stopped terrorist conspiracies targeting embassies in Yemen and Singapore and ships in the Straits of Hormuz and the Straits of Gibraltar. We stopped a Southeast Asian terror cell grooming operatives for terrorist attacks. We stopped an al Qaeda cell seeking to develop anthrax. British authorities disrupted a plot to blow up aircraft flying over the Atlantic toward the United States.

Working together, coalition forces have captured or killed key leaders of terrorist networks. Philippine forces killed top leaders of an al Qaeda affiliate. Spanish police captured fugitives wanted in connection with the Madrid train bombings. Terrorist cells have been broken up by countries including Britain and Canada and Denmark and Italy and France and Indonesia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Turkey. We must stay on the offense. We must defeat the enemy overseas, so we don't have to face them in our countries.

Working together, America and our allies have shut down funding channels and frozen terrorist assets, making it harder for our enemies to finance attacks. It makes it hard for the enemies to purchase weapons, to train and move around their recruits. The international community through the United Nations has imposed measures to identify terrorist financiers and prevent them from using international financial system to fund their acts of murder and terror.

Working together, America and our allies are training local forces to conduct counterterrorism activities in their own regions. We are helping key nations stop terrorists from establishing safe havens inside their borders -- including Indonesia and the Philippines and Yemen. The Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership provides counterterrorism and military assistance to Chad and Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, and Tunisia. The East African Counterterrorism Initiative provides border security and police training to Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Uganda.