Saturday, June 24, 2006

Dems Racist, Repubs Principled? Nah...Can't Be!

That is the findings from a study done by the Washington Post (by no means a right wing shill paper...quite the opposite) on willingness to give support to Katrina victims based on their race.

In a nutshell, Dems were willing to give less amounts of money to blacks and other minorities than they were to whites. While Repubs gave the same amount regardless of color.

The author tries to hit Repubs as well by saying they were less generous. However I take issue with that b/c they were talking about government money. So, in other words, Dems were more generous with OPM, not their own. I'd be willing to bet any amount of money if you compared the personal donations, Repubs would blow Dems out the water.

Prophets to Israel and Judah

I know I've mentioned twice so far (1 & 2) how much I'm enjoying my Daily Bible - Chronological, but I just have to say it again.

I'm still in the Old Testament, and I'm in the part of Israel and Judah's history where the prophets like Amos and Isaiah start warning them of God's coming punishment and exile if they don't check themselves quick (that's my paraphrase =)

It's really neat to see the prophets warnings in the middle of the reigns of the kings. They have no excuses. They can't say if only we knew. Same as today. We have no excuse, especially in America. Unfortunately I think that is the problem. A lot of people know about Jesus, but not many know Jesus.

How Far Have We Drifted From Original Intent

It's sad when the President has to issue an executive order to protect a constitutional right.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Two Interesting Articles

Here are two articles that I thought were quite interesting from Human Events Online this week. One is comparing Dems in Congress to the Sunni insurgents and the other is on the success of 55 National Guard troops slowing ILLEGAL immigration.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Daily Idiot

"There’s a reason the Geneva Conventions exist. We’ve lost the moral high ground. What a f*****g waste of a war." - DailyKos

For those of you who aren't very political, you have probably never heard of DailyKos. Well to say he is a left wing koolaid drinker is a major understatement. I won't even link to his site b/c the language is just horrible, which is also a major understatement.

The above quote was his reaction to the brutal beheading of the two soldiers. And the libs wonder why the country sees them as weak on defense when one of their most celebrated bloggers compares our actions to those of these murderous thugs. Absolutely outrageous!!!

Maybe He Thought He Was Talking About Himself

Former President Bill Clinton is weighing in on the immigration battle. "The House Republicans' position that all these people are basically criminals and ought to be deported," he says, "is morally suspect and practically crazy."

Can someone please tell me what is "morally suspect and practically crazy" about following the law!!!!!!!!! Does any other country in the world allow people who are in their country illegally to stay if caught. As wild as everything is here in Iraq, they even deport people who don't have the proper paperwork even though the person is an American, had proof of a job here, and had a military escort waiting for him.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Why Fathers Matter

"The 30 percent of children who live apart from their fathers will account for 63 percent of teen suicides, 70 percent of juveniles in state-operated institutions, 71 percent of high-school dropouts, 75 percent of children in chemical-abuse centers, 80 percent of rapists, 85 percent of youths in prison, and 85 percent of children who exhibit behavioral disorders."

- Columnist Mark Alexander

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pure Desire

During my sick days this past weekend, one of the books I finished was "Pure Desire" by Ted Roberts. The Chaplain who asked me to lead an "Every Man's Battle" group gave it to me, and I'm sooooo glad he did.

It is hands down one of the best books I've ever read on the topic of sexual bondage of Christians. I felt like I was reading my life story as the author talked about his life and the life of other men who have gone through the struggle and found victory through Christ and smart actions as it is a spiritual and physical battle.

The subtitle is "how one man's triumph over his greatest struggle can help others break free." One of the main reasons he wrote the book was to equip pastors and churches with the ability to help men and their families obtain freedom.

I highly recommend this book to everyone (especially if you have a leadership position in a church or ministry), not just guys, whether you struggle with it or not, because everyone knows someone who is fighting this battle, also more and more women are fighting the battle as well. The last two chapters of the book are written for women by the author's wife.

Hmmmm...Iraq Had Ties to the Taliban???

The positive news just keeps coming this week!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006


I just wanted to call your attention to a new blog link of a friend of mine, Johnny "Baywatch" Green. He is one of the most amazing teachers I've ever met, and his grasp of the Bible is extremely inspiring. He also is a huge LSU fan, so he has to be a great guy!!! =)

Nah...Nothing Good Came From Zarqawi's Death

Once again libs are wrong in saying Zarqawi's death meant nothing for the war. Any wonder why people don't trust them in defending the nation.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bad Week for Team Dean

"What else can go wrong for the Democrats?

* They lost the biggest special Congressional election of the year in San Diego;
* The USA Today/Gallup poll release yesterday has the President's approval numbers up to 38% (from a low of 31% just a month earlier);
* That same poll has the 'generic Congressional vote' at 49% for Democrats to 44% Republicans which sounds bad, but earlier this month it was 55-40;
* Zarqawi is dead;
* The Iraqis have a fully functioning government in place;
* The President made a surprise visit to Baghdad;
* The Republican National Committee has a 5-to-1 cash-on-hand advantage over the DNC, and;
* Karl Rove is off the hook.

"And, all that occurred just in the past eight days. Tell me, again, how likely it is that the Democrats will pick up 15 seats in the House and six in the Senate?"

- Rich Galen, Mullings, 6/14/06

Kazakhstan - One Year Later

The next two weeks mark the one year anniversary of my trip to Kazakhstan. In that light, I decided to look back at a post I wrote concerning the lessons of the trip to see where I am now, one year later.

1. Lesson: I need to spend as much time being intentional and committed to spending time in personal prayer with God as I did originally to become comfortable in corporate prayer.

Update: My personal prayer time has been extremely vital. It did improve after the trip, but was taken to a whole new level after the engagement was broken off. Thankfully it has now become a daily pleasure that I look forward to and not a task.

2. Lesson: God loves me and wants to show me in real and tangible ways.

Update: While some may think I questioned this due to the engagement being broken off, it was actually the opposite. It was an incredible act of love to let me know that He loves me in spite of my past and enough to make sure that this issue is dealt with for good by showing me all actions have consequences.

3. Lesson: We truly are a light to a very dark world.

Update: Never more true than here in Iraq.

4. Lesson: We must share our experiences and challenges we overcame in order to lead people closer to Christ.

Update: Obviously as I've shared on here recently, what satan meant to use to destroy me has been turned around and is helping others get free of sexual bondage. Thank you Father that what satan meant for evil, You turned to good.

As I've said many times, if you have never been on a missions trip or done something to help those less fortunate, please don't delay. You will gain way more by giving than you can ever imagine!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wait...You Mean Guarding a Border Works!!!

"The arrival of U.S. National Guard troops in Arizona has scared off illegal Mexican migrants along the border, significantly reducing crossings, according to U.S. and Mexican officials."

- Associated Press, 6/13/06

The Party for Nothing

“They don't have anything to say to anyone about anything that matters to anyone”

-Pollster John Zogby, explaining why Democrats have not been able to capitalize on voter dissatisfaction with Republicans

Zero Fun

Having a head cold in the states is not much fun, but having one here in Iraq is Zero Fun (if you can name the movie "Zero Fun " comes from, I'll let you guest post a topic of your is one of my all time favorite movies)

You can barely breathe here as it is due to all the dust in the air. Add on top of that a clogged nose due to a sinus cold and it is absolutely miserable. That is the state I was in the last three days. Thankfully it cleared up last night.

On the bright side, I got a lot of reading done. I finished four books in three days!!! I'll do a few reviews of them over the next couple of days.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Don't Always Believe the Polls

I always take public opinions polls with a grain of salt. Being involved in politics, I know how easy it is to get a poll to pretty much say whatever you want depending on how you ask the questions. Here is a great example from FRC's daily email of how opinion polls can vary widely from actual voting on an issue. This is also another example of how far the Senate is out of step on this issue.

Be leery of public opinion polls on the issue of marriage. Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) has pointed out how very different the polls are from the actual votes. Here are some typical cases showing what the polls said about protecting marriage in various states prior to the votes and how the citizens of those states actually voted. Arkansas: 64.8% (75%); Georgia: 69% (76%); Kansas: 56% (79%); Kentucky: 71.6% (75%); Louisiana: 62% (78%); Michigan: 52% (59%); Montana: 61% (67%); Nevada: 43% (67%); North Dakota: 53% (73%); Ohio: 48% (62%); Oklahoma: 59% (76%); and Oregon: 50% (57%). Why such a big difference between pre-vote polls and the actual votes? It's probably a combination of two major factors. Having been in politics for a while I've seen how polling questions can be constructed to obtain the desired outcome. The slanted poll questions no doubt account for some of the difference. Secondly, and probably more prominent, is the intimidation factor. Unscrupulous politicians like Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) rant that protecting marriage is "bigotry, pure and simple." It's no such thing, but Kennedy and company want to intimidate people. Some people are fearful of being labeled a homophobe or bigot so they keep their opinions to themselves until they are in the privacy of the voting booth and then on average over 70% defend marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Personal Purity Commitment

For the "Every Man's Battle" group this past week, we discussed practical ways for men to move toward freedom from sexual bondage. I shared with the group that one thing that helped me tremendously was putting a personal purity commitment down on paper and giving it to my accountability partners, so they could hold me to my commitments.

If this is something you think would be helpful in your walk, here is my personal purity commitment. No two will be the same because they are based on your personality as well as where you have struggles.

My personal purity commitment is the Eph 5:3 standard of not even a hint of sexual immorality. The following is a list of my personal boundaries that I want to be held accountable to keeping. They meet the above standard and also protect areas of past vulnerabilities.

1. No physical intimacy of any kind until engaged
2. After engaged, only holding hands and short “peck” kisses – no make out sessions
3. No roaming hands anywhere until married, not even above the neck
4. No sitting or laying in laps – always four feet on the ground until married

5. No giving or receiving massages until married
6. Internet standard beyond the Covenant Eyes filter to meet the Eph 5:3 standard
7. Before married, never behind a closed door or any place alone with a female. After married, same standard for any other female
8. No lingering of my eyes or double takes on anyone other than wife
9. No engaging in sexual talk on any level or participate in joking with others

10. No books, magazines, movies or places that do not meet the Eph 5:3 standard
11. No chatting online except with friends and family

Friday, June 09, 2006

Farewell Party and Pool Time

We had a going away party for Jd and Dan this past weekend (they left today). It was a nice break from the DFAC food. A local Iraqi hosted our night at his house (don't worry, his house is on the base). He ordered food from the best restaurant in Baghdad, and it was VERY good!!!

We also were able to swim, which was very refreshing in this heat, and play a few games of pool. It was very nice to have a break in the regular routine that is the "Groundhog Day" life here.

Tactical Picture Day

Since the day I arrived in Iraq, Dan has been talking about tactical picture day. Well, he finally got it done the day before he left.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Good Riddance!!!

Zarqawi, the top Al Qaeda terrorist in Iraq, is dead!!! It's a little cooler today here in Iraq compared to the heat he is now facing!!! All the military peeps here are pumped to say the least. Congrats and a huge thanks to all involved!!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

One Step Closer!!!

I just paid off my last credit account!!! What an awesome feeling!!! All I have left now is my car and student loan, and those will be paid off by December if all works out as planned as of now. That is definitely one of the blessings of my coming here to Iraq.

Bush Blamed for Abortion...Ridiculous!!!

Now I think I've heard it all. A lady wrote an article blaming Bush for her abortion because she couldn't get a Morning After pill. She goes further to blame conservatives, doctors and the FDA. Seems everyone is to blame but herself. Whatever happened to the concept of personal responsibility!!!

Here's a great rebuttal to her article.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

WHOOOHOOO!!! LA Isn't Last in Something!!!

Take this all you peeps who say Louisiana has the worst drivers in the country =)

If you want to see how you score, here is the test. I scored a 95%, so maybe a high test score doesn't always translate to good driving after all =)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Midnight's View on Haditha...MUST READ!!!

Midnight has written an excellent article for the Frontline Forum on his thoughts about the Haditha incident. It is a MUST read for everyone to see what these Marines face every day.

Hot Air

An interesting review of Gore's latest stupidity compared to the liberal media sycophants predicted drivel reviews calling it the best thing since slice bread...nah...absolutely no bias whatsoever.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Union Stronghold Over?

When you have one of the biggest liberals in the country writing an op-ed bashing unions that could mean the end is near for their demise. It can't come soon enough.

Getting hot...Hot...HOT!!!

Today's high was 119 with a heat index of 123 and climbing!!! I have a brand new appreciation for the military peeps (not that my appreciation ever waned) who have to do their job in this heat.

The only time I have to face it is walking back and forth to chow and the tent. They are in it all day with full battle rattle and in their poorly air-conditioned HUMVs. Definitely keep them in your prayers for heat related illnesses.

Dems Oppose 80% of Americans

It floors me that you can't buy cigarettes or alcohol, you can't board a plane or cash a check without a photo ID, but you can vote without one. What floors me even more is that Dems fight tooth and nail against such common sense legislation.

"...The eyebrow-raising news is that every Democratic senator opposed what would appear to be a no-brainer of an idea. . . . A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll last month found that 80% of Americans favored a requirement that photo ID be shown at the polls, with only 7% opposed. Nonetheless, every Democratic senator lined up in opposition -- a clear a sign that the interest groups that support Democrats must feel threatened by the idea of ballot security."

- John Fund, Political Diary, 5/25/06

Don't Mess With a Marine

Four robbers picked the wrong "victim."