Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Party for Nothing

“They don't have anything to say to anyone about anything that matters to anyone”

-Pollster John Zogby, explaining why Democrats have not been able to capitalize on voter dissatisfaction with Republicans


crummywatertowr said...

This is so true. Yes, I'm a democrat. And damn, the party can't do a damn thing right. It's as if the democratic party is pushing the vote for a third party, which would be disasterous. They need to go back and study Truman's adminstration to see how a liberal (which really back then was more of a moderate stance) to see how you can be progressive and still deal with a world wide threat. But they obviously didn't see the poster in Mr. Rome's class about a people who forget their history.

Cajun Tiger said...

I think about that poster quite frequently =) I've been reading a lot of history books lately. I wish I had been as interested in history back then as I am now, especially before my Grandpa Cheramie died. I would love to pick his brain now like I never did when he was alive.

Ian McGibboney said...

The Democrats do have a problem with getting out their message, which is sad because at least half of the country would be receptive if they would only stand up for themselves.

One question, though, regarding conservative complaints about the Democrats: how can the party both stand for nothing AND be extremist?

Cajun Tiger said... is not that they don't stand for something it is that they have no plan to go along with their wild ideas. Instead they just call Repubs names and block everything they can.