Thursday, June 22, 2006

Daily Idiot

"There’s a reason the Geneva Conventions exist. We’ve lost the moral high ground. What a f*****g waste of a war." - DailyKos

For those of you who aren't very political, you have probably never heard of DailyKos. Well to say he is a left wing koolaid drinker is a major understatement. I won't even link to his site b/c the language is just horrible, which is also a major understatement.

The above quote was his reaction to the brutal beheading of the two soldiers. And the libs wonder why the country sees them as weak on defense when one of their most celebrated bloggers compares our actions to those of these murderous thugs. Absolutely outrageous!!!


Mike's America said...

Cajun: Kos isn't a Kool Aid drinker...

He mixes it, stirs in the poison and serves it up in every poisonous combination imagineable.

I've had a couple of his leftwing brownshirts drop by Mike's America to try and disrupt things. These people are so full of bile, there is no room left for anything else, particularly a brain.

But to the point: The Geneva Convention does not apply to terrorists and they certainly do not follow it's restrictions.

So why anyone who obviously misleads people on that point and gets away with it is amazing.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Any words that I would use to describe the Daily Kos can't be used on this blog!!! He's the ultimate left wing kook that spews poison like Mike said.

Skye said...

Daily Kos: Required reading in terrorist training camps worldwide.

Cajun Tiger said...

Mike...thanks for the koolaid correction =)

It amazes me as well how he gets such a free pass, but then again the MSM definitely won't hold him or others like him accountable. Good thing we don't have to just rely on the MSM anymore for news.

LMC and Skye...very true