Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hot Air

An interesting review of Gore's latest stupidity compared to the liberal media sycophants predicted drivel reviews calling it the best thing since slice bread...nah...absolutely no bias whatsoever.


crummywatertowr said...

I saw the movie. And I read that review. Now claiming college students and actors brains aren't fully formed is about as base as you can get. I mean the guy gets paid to give opinions but will put down two segments of the populations for having ideas. If you don't like their opinions then go read the Washington Times. As far as this movie, there wasn't much opinion given by Al Gore. In fact a lot of the facts the reviewer claimed Gore said, he just did not. He never said the Chinese government was on the cutting edge of environmentalism (he might have said it about the students who attended the speech); he showed the coal stack smoke in China and compared the Chinese record to the US. (Side note -- the review talks about Chinese people having to breathe through surgical masks b/c of pollution -- I saw a special on athletes when I got home in coal mining districts not only have to do that but also breathe through respirators). Gore never said that it was only America's problem; it's just that we are the biggest contributors to the problem. As far as the worst coming in the future of the mind of Gore, the last 15 years have been pretty bad (which makes it a bipartisan problem) leading to scientists (not Gore) proposing it is only going to get worst.

A friend of mine told me I was going to be shocked at what I saw. I wasn't. I had pretty seen every picture and heard every warning in the news over the last 5 years. This info was given by people whose job is to study this making them smarter than Al Gore. Also, they have no involvement in politics.

Now, I don't really see how a person with a fully formed brain could say humans are not contributing to Global Warming. But if you want to hang on to that fine. But you have to admit, that the things that "cause" global warming are usually dirty industries. I teach in Cancer Alley. You can't tell me that stuff is all safe to breathe (forget about the environment; think of people's lungs). Don't we owe to our children to help clean up these industries to help our children? And by cleaning them up all we are going to do is create new industries which will create new jobs. Hell, ethanol could be a boom to south Louisiana since sugar cane could be used. How many sugar cane fields have been plowed under because farmers can't make ends meet so they sell to people who will build subdivisions?

I don't know. Maybe my brain isn't fully formed.

Cajun Tiger said...

Well we've always known your brain wasn't fully formed ;)

For every scientist you want to quote that says humans are the cause of global warming, I'll match you with one that says we aren't and this is part of the natural cycle of the earth.

One explosion of a volcano puts more CO in the atmosphere then all of the industrial world combined since the beginning of the industrial age. There are thousands of such explosions a year. So, unless you intend on capping all volcanos (I don't really think you should try that) the earth is going to continue on its current warming trend regardless of what we do.

As far as local pollution, I don't have a problem with sensible safeguards, but the enviro wackos have hamstung industry with to many crazy useless regulations that do nothing but hurt the industrial businesses which is probably their real goal anyway.