Friday, June 09, 2006

Farewell Party and Pool Time

We had a going away party for Jd and Dan this past weekend (they left today). It was a nice break from the DFAC food. A local Iraqi hosted our night at his house (don't worry, his house is on the base). He ordered food from the best restaurant in Baghdad, and it was VERY good!!!

We also were able to swim, which was very refreshing in this heat, and play a few games of pool. It was very nice to have a break in the regular routine that is the "Groundhog Day" life here.


MHebert said...


Just to let you that I read your site if not commenting all the time. Stay safe man and stay cool!:-)

Visit L'Anse Grise if chance.

Another cool site for down home treatment:

Yeah, soon you be back in Louisiana! Go Tigers!!!!!!

Looks like a bon party!:-)

Smile-N-Cajun said...

I just thought of something i would like to comment about this food. It sure don't look like meme's potato stew! HAHA

Cajun Tiger said...

Smile-n...definitely wasn't meme's potato stew!!! =)