Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kazakhstan - One Year Later

The next two weeks mark the one year anniversary of my trip to Kazakhstan. In that light, I decided to look back at a post I wrote concerning the lessons of the trip to see where I am now, one year later.

1. Lesson: I need to spend as much time being intentional and committed to spending time in personal prayer with God as I did originally to become comfortable in corporate prayer.

Update: My personal prayer time has been extremely vital. It did improve after the trip, but was taken to a whole new level after the engagement was broken off. Thankfully it has now become a daily pleasure that I look forward to and not a task.

2. Lesson: God loves me and wants to show me in real and tangible ways.

Update: While some may think I questioned this due to the engagement being broken off, it was actually the opposite. It was an incredible act of love to let me know that He loves me in spite of my past and enough to make sure that this issue is dealt with for good by showing me all actions have consequences.

3. Lesson: We truly are a light to a very dark world.

Update: Never more true than here in Iraq.

4. Lesson: We must share our experiences and challenges we overcame in order to lead people closer to Christ.

Update: Obviously as I've shared on here recently, what satan meant to use to destroy me has been turned around and is helping others get free of sexual bondage. Thank you Father that what satan meant for evil, You turned to good.

As I've said many times, if you have never been on a missions trip or done something to help those less fortunate, please don't delay. You will gain way more by giving than you can ever imagine!

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crummywatertowr said...

I'm proud of you my friend. Over the last year too, I finally discovered how powerful prayer was as a tool to fight my anxiety and depression. I took look forward to my personal prayer time, and just my everyday little discussions with God.

Good Luck,

Kurt H.