Monday, March 31, 2008

Babies Are Punishments???

Obama reveals his true feelings about the importance of keeping abortions easily available and legal. If teenagers get pregnant, they shouldn't be "punished with a baby." What an absolutely despicable way to view a child!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Defiant to the End

Well, according to AlGore's latest interview, I believe the world is flat and that we never landed on the moon. That's news to me, but I must believe that b/c as he says that is what those who don't believe man is causing global warming must also believe.

At least I'm in good company with the likes of over 400 SCIENTIST (ie...not politicians) including; climatologists, oceanographers, geologists, glaciologists, physicists and paleoclimatologists who also dispute Gore's THEORY.

I'm also comforted by the fact that I'm also on the same side as the 4 global temperature tracking outlets; Hadley, NASA's GISS, UAH, and RSS; who all say that the current warming CYCLE appears to have possible ended due to last year being the coolest on record in nearly 100 years. By the way, these are the same agencies Gore has used to show warming temps, but I guess they must have all been bought out by big oil and now there data is flawed.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Installment #7: Persecution Watch - Laos

On February 22, Laotian officials arrested 15 Hmong Christian families in Bokeo province, Laos. According to Compass Direct News, the arrests occurred a day before a court sentenced nine Hmong church leaders to 15 years in prison for 'conducting Christian ministry and meetings that had grown beyond acceptable levels for Communist officials.' Compass reported, "The day before the sentencing, Laotian authorities arrived in Bai Sai Janrern village in Bokeo district with six trucks in which they hauled away eight Christian families. Authorities also arrested at least seven families from Fai village three miles away." The arrested families make up a total of 58 Hmong Christians. According to the Compass report, the nine Christian leaders, sentenced to 15 years in prison for Christian ministry, were arrested in July 2007, during a police and military raid of suspected rebels that left 13 innocent Christians dead.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Depends What the Definition of Sniper Fire Is

Clinton has been busted big time for a major exaggeration. She has claimed that on a visit to Bosnia in '96 that when they landed it was under sniper fire and they had to rush to their vehicles with their heads down and that the planned greeting ceremony was scrapped.

Well, CBS has totally busted her. I've been trying to post the direct video but it isn't letting me so here is the link for the CBS report showing what really happened is vastly different than Clinton's version.

Now her campaign is in full spin mode trying to say she misspoke. Well, the problem with that is that she repeated the same story on at least 3 different occasions and posted it to her website before being called on it. Also, I find it rather hard to imagine such a major mistake in memory. Having to take cover from incoming fire is not something your misspeak about. It is something that either happened or that you make up for effect, which seems to be the case her as she was trying to bolster her foreign policy experience.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thank You, 4000

As the media is hyping the 4000th death in Iraq, CJ over at A Soldier's Perspective has the proper perspective, one of thanks!

Monday, March 24, 2008

118800 Seconds

I’ve been painting again. Below are my two new oil paintings. The first painting I called “Ocean of Life” and was a donation for a Silent Auction to support an orphanage in Burma. The second painting I called “Class” was for myself or to sell if I got a good price on it. It has been hard to find a place or a nook to do these paintings, so I’ve done it in a bathroom shower stand, it’s a decent size and private – which I liked.

"Ocean of Life"


Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Government Will Keep Your Kids Safe

I found this list the other day of the 50 states ranked from the most safe to the least safe to raise kids. I immediately became suspicious when it had states like NY, NJ, CA and MD in the top 10 safest while having states like MS, AK, UT, and SC in the 10 least safe states and LA coming in at #32.

My liberal bias radar went into overdrive. My first thought was what were they considering safe in this study. There was no way they could be ranking it on violence and murder rates, which is what one would normally first assume in such a study. Sure enough my thoughts were confirmed.

Here are some of the things that caused a state to drop in ranking: no laws requiring children to wear helmets when riding bikes, low or no regulations for playground equipment at schools and parks, lack of mandatory healthcare coverage for children, low standards for car seats, etc. In other words, states with liberal governments that have tons of government interference in raising your kids will keep you kids safe while states that let parents decide how to raise their kids are very unsafe states.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Child Soldiers

One of the most horrible exploitations of children is child soldiers. This is a huge problem in Africa and also several Middle East nations and al Qaeda. Most people think it is only the rebels and radicals that do it, but governments do so as well. This article tells a story of the Burundi government recruiting a 9 year old and then his path to recovery through the help of World Vision's Child Reintegration Project.

Another important piece of this article is about a bill in Congress, Child Soldier Protection Act that will block funding to governments who use children as soldiers that we all need to support. We are currently giving military assistance to 8 of the 9 governments who use child soldiers and this bill would put an end to that.

Hat tip: JoseNew

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama, Not McCain, Shows Iraq Ignorance

Obama apparently jumped on a statement that McCain made in Jordan to which the media also tried to make seem as wrong to tear him down. McCain said that Iran is supporting Shiite extremists and Sunni Al Qaeda. The media and Obama tried to say that McCain made a mistake in suggesting that Shia Iran would support Sunnis and that he was confusing the religions as proof he isn't as sharp on foreign policy as he tries to portray. Well, once again we see that Obama and the media have no clue to what is really going on here on the ground because there is plenty proof that not only is Iran arming the Shia extremist but also Al Qaeda and anyone else who they can buy off to try and keep chaos, which is rapidly dwindling more and more every day, going here.

Installment #6 - Persecution Watch - Ethiopia

On March 3, Muslim militants killed at least two Christians and wounded dozens in Nensabo town southeast of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts and reports from International Christian Concern, militants attacked Christians, including women and children, while they were attending a worship service. According to reports, "Eight of the wounded have been taken to the town of Awassa for hospitalization, while others with serious injuries were taken to Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa. Among the wounded were a police officer and a Christian whose hand was cut off by the attackers." Reports indicated that the attack was part of a plan by Muslim militants, influenced by the spread of Wahhabism, in the area to wipe out Christians from the Muslim-dominated region.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Flintstone Village

It must have been nice to have a grandfather as the dictator of a country who was able to pretty much give you whatever you wanted. Well, apparently the grandkids wanted a village that looks like the Flintstones (I'm sure that is not really what they wanted but as you will see, it certainly is pretty close). Below are some pics over on Camp Slayer, which is connected to Camp Victory, of what has been dubbed, Flintstone Village.

If you zoom in on this pic you will see a very beloved state as part of the graffiti a little to the left of the tree in front.

Very cool designs and must have made for one very awesome playhouse.

However, like most things here, once you inspect closer you realize it was built very cheap

In American fashion as you can see on all the pics, soldiers have left their mark. Here is one I could totally agree with, especially since I just happened to be all LSU'd out that day (and no I didn't do it). GEAUX TIGERS INDEED!!! =)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Suicide Bomber Recruits...PETA Outraged

More proof that Al Qaeda is running low on recruits for suicide bombers in this very shocking video. However, I think they have made a huge mistake b/c now they will have PETA protesting for sure and if bin Laden thought the US Military was tough he hasn't seen anything yet once the PETA protesters descend on Afghanistan to save the animals.

If you care for your cats, this is a much watch video! And even if you don't like cats, dogs could be next so you should still watch so you can be prepared to recognize the signs that your pets may be being recruited for terror or even the target of the next attack!!!

Ok...just incase some of you are thinking the above video is serious and don't want to watch it b/c it will be isn' is a hilarious cartoon by JibJab and I was just having a little fun with the go watch it =)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Installment #5 - Persecution Watch - Honduras

When most people think of Christian persecution they think of places like North Korea, China or Iran. Unfortunately there are many other countries where you would think Christians would be safe to practice their faith freely but aren't. Here is a report from Honduras:

HONDURAS (Compass) Pastor Misael ArgeƱal was beaten and robbed in December by organized criminals. “It was an act of intimidation,” he said. A week earlier, he was threatened with death if he didn’t stop his ministry.

While the short snippet doesn't say it, I'd be pretty willing to bet that the persecution is from other "Christians" from the Catholic church. That to me in many ways is even worse than from Muslims or other religions especially by what it says to the rest of the world who view all "Christians" as the same whether Catholic, Baptist, or whatever.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Authentic Manhood

Here on Camp Victory, I've been participating in a men's study entitled, "The Quest for Authentic Manhood" by Robert Lewis of Men's Fraternity. The last two weeks we have studied what is God's definition of a man as He originally intended.

He uses two men in the Bible, Adam and Jesus. Obviously Adam didn't fulfill his role, so he is the model of what not to do. While Jesus is the model of what to do. There are four traits that God laid out in the first three chapters of Genesis that pertains to His original desire for men:

  1. Rejects Passivity
  2. Accepts Responsibility
  3. Leads Courageously
  4. Expects the Great Reward, God's Reward

Adam didn't fulfill this plan. When Eve was being tempted, instead of stepping up, he was passive. When God called him out, instead of accepting responsibility, he passed blame. Both of those showed his lack of courage and that he was looking for personal reward, equal with God, as opposed to the Greater reward, eternity with God.

Jesus on the other hand was definitely never passive. He accepted the responsibility of carrying the sin of the world all the way to the cross. He was the epitome of courage all the way to death. And His was able to do all that because He kept His eyes focused on the Greater Reward.

That is just a quick snapshot of two weeks of this 24 week course that has taught me so much about what it means to be a true Biblical man as God intended. If you ever get a chance to attend the study, I'd highly encourage it.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Activist Judges Are Out of Control

If you want to see what the federal court system will be like if Clinton or Obama gets elected this fall, all you have to do is take a look at the California court system in all its liberal activist glory as these two recent rulings clearly show.

First, a state appeals court has issued a ruling that could bring criminal charges against 166,000 families who are homeschooling their children saying they are required to have them in public school or a state approved private school which is absolutely ridiculous. If it isn't overturned by the state supreme court this will definitely be brought to the federal courts and could have major implications on homeschoolers nationwide. How far we have fallen when the state has more say over a child's education than parents.

Hat tip: Muth's Truths

Second, in another absolutely ridiculous ruling, a judge has denied a foster teen's request for early entry to the Marines because of her anti-war views going so far as to say her reasons for denying the request was because she didn't support the war and didn't trust recruiters. Can someone please show me in the California foster system procedures where personal opinion is allowed to decide a court case? Yet that is what we get over and over from liberal judges.

Hat tip: CJ

Friday, March 07, 2008

Sawyer Attack Backfires

In the special election for Louisiana's 6th Congressional District, one candidate is showing that negative attacks can definitely backfire in a big way when they are so blatantly false. Paul Sawyer launched an attack filled with lies and distortions, and due to that his campaign has imploded. He has fallen from a comfortable second place position to third in just a few days.

With the election only one day away, the new second place holder, Laurinda Calongne, may want to watch her back because Sawyer will need to come after her strong if he wants to regain his second place position for a chance in a runoff.

Calongne would make an easy target for Sawyer due to her financial support of democratic Senator Mary Landrieu and Congressman Charles Melacon. From March 2006 to March 2007, she gave $3000 in donations to Melancon, and in May of 2007, she gave Landrieu $1000 according to opensecrets.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Great Day for McCain

Yesterday was a great day for McCain on two fronts as shown in this recap article of the primaries. On the Repub front with his wins in TX and OH, he is now the clear winner of the Repub nomination (even though it has been clear to everyone but Huckabee for over a month now). On the Dem front with Clinton winning TX and OH, that means the Dem nomination will continue to draw out even longer. This is good news for McCain and bad news for the Dems b/c they will have to continue to draw contrasts and continue to be negative while McCain can start uniting the party and focusing on the target as opposed to other Repubs.

If the Dem nomination goes through to the convention, which at this point is extremely likely especially with FL and MI in the balance, that will only give them 2 months to recoup as opposed to 8 months McCain now has and there will be plenty of very upset Dems due to their pick losing a very bloody battle. Once again, this is continuing to be a very interesting year!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Soldiers Being Soldiers

As I'm sure is the case in every war, sometimes you have to find humor in the things that cause the most trials. The above sign is on the side of one of the buildings on base and when a co-worker showed it to me, I just had to snap a picture. VBIEDs (army term for car bombs) are definitely not welcomed to park there and hopefully they won't be parking anywhere in Iraq soon.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Rekindling Kick Off

A couple of months ago I did a post introducing a new ministry that a friend of mine is starting and I'm on the board of called Rekindling. Now that it is officially off the ground it is time to take it to the next level. Please go to Rekindling's blog to see all the ways you can participate. If you want to take your faith to the next level and rekindle your passion as well as others' passion for God, I highly encourage you to check it out.

Dems Possibly Cost Soldiers' Lives

A shocking report has been released that shows that due to the Dems refusing to pass the Protect America Act to allow our intel agencies to properly pursue all leads may cost soldiers lives. This is absolutely unacceptable!