Monday, March 31, 2008

Babies Are Punishments???

Obama reveals his true feelings about the importance of keeping abortions easily available and legal. If teenagers get pregnant, they shouldn't be "punished with a baby." What an absolutely despicable way to view a child!


Cajun Huguenot said...

Even smooth, quick thinking politicians will slip up now and then and accidentally reveal their true beliefs every once in a while. Obama did so here, but the major media will agree with him and it will be up to the Blogosphere.


Flag Gazer said...

obama painted the difference between pro-choice and pro-abortion... he is pro-abortion - he believes in unfettered access until the day of birth.

Kenith is right - we need to make people aware of this dispicable stance.

Dee said...

While children are a lot of work I was horrified by this statement. It is pretty despicable and says a lot about Obama!!