Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Great Day for McCain

Yesterday was a great day for McCain on two fronts as shown in this recap article of the primaries. On the Repub front with his wins in TX and OH, he is now the clear winner of the Repub nomination (even though it has been clear to everyone but Huckabee for over a month now). On the Dem front with Clinton winning TX and OH, that means the Dem nomination will continue to draw out even longer. This is good news for McCain and bad news for the Dems b/c they will have to continue to draw contrasts and continue to be negative while McCain can start uniting the party and focusing on the target as opposed to other Repubs.

If the Dem nomination goes through to the convention, which at this point is extremely likely especially with FL and MI in the balance, that will only give them 2 months to recoup as opposed to 8 months McCain now has and there will be plenty of very upset Dems due to their pick losing a very bloody battle. Once again, this is continuing to be a very interesting year!

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