Friday, March 14, 2008

Installment #5 - Persecution Watch - Honduras

When most people think of Christian persecution they think of places like North Korea, China or Iran. Unfortunately there are many other countries where you would think Christians would be safe to practice their faith freely but aren't. Here is a report from Honduras:

HONDURAS (Compass) Pastor Misael ArgeƱal was beaten and robbed in December by organized criminals. “It was an act of intimidation,” he said. A week earlier, he was threatened with death if he didn’t stop his ministry.

While the short snippet doesn't say it, I'd be pretty willing to bet that the persecution is from other "Christians" from the Catholic church. That to me in many ways is even worse than from Muslims or other religions especially by what it says to the rest of the world who view all "Christians" as the same whether Catholic, Baptist, or whatever.

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