Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Depends What the Definition of Sniper Fire Is

Clinton has been busted big time for a major exaggeration. She has claimed that on a visit to Bosnia in '96 that when they landed it was under sniper fire and they had to rush to their vehicles with their heads down and that the planned greeting ceremony was scrapped.

Well, CBS has totally busted her. I've been trying to post the direct video but it isn't letting me so here is the link for the CBS report showing what really happened is vastly different than Clinton's version.

Now her campaign is in full spin mode trying to say she misspoke. Well, the problem with that is that she repeated the same story on at least 3 different occasions and posted it to her website before being called on it. Also, I find it rather hard to imagine such a major mistake in memory. Having to take cover from incoming fire is not something your misspeak about. It is something that either happened or that you make up for effect, which seems to be the case her as she was trying to bolster her foreign policy experience.

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Mike's America said...

Cajun: You know the rules by now. It's only a "lie" if a Republican says it.