Saturday, March 08, 2008

Activist Judges Are Out of Control

If you want to see what the federal court system will be like if Clinton or Obama gets elected this fall, all you have to do is take a look at the California court system in all its liberal activist glory as these two recent rulings clearly show.

First, a state appeals court has issued a ruling that could bring criminal charges against 166,000 families who are homeschooling their children saying they are required to have them in public school or a state approved private school which is absolutely ridiculous. If it isn't overturned by the state supreme court this will definitely be brought to the federal courts and could have major implications on homeschoolers nationwide. How far we have fallen when the state has more say over a child's education than parents.

Hat tip: Muth's Truths

Second, in another absolutely ridiculous ruling, a judge has denied a foster teen's request for early entry to the Marines because of her anti-war views going so far as to say her reasons for denying the request was because she didn't support the war and didn't trust recruiters. Can someone please show me in the California foster system procedures where personal opinion is allowed to decide a court case? Yet that is what we get over and over from liberal judges.

Hat tip: CJ


Dee said...

Yah, to be honest whenever I see a homeschooling story I usually figure the homeschooling community is over reacting but not this time. The ruling in California is sending chills down the spines of not only those in California but for home schoolers everywhere. I'm going to talk about it on the radio show on Monday.

Flag Gazer said...

Liberal judges rule from feelings - not law - and that is a violation of what our country is supposed to be... scary.