Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Government Will Keep Your Kids Safe

I found this list the other day of the 50 states ranked from the most safe to the least safe to raise kids. I immediately became suspicious when it had states like NY, NJ, CA and MD in the top 10 safest while having states like MS, AK, UT, and SC in the 10 least safe states and LA coming in at #32.

My liberal bias radar went into overdrive. My first thought was what were they considering safe in this study. There was no way they could be ranking it on violence and murder rates, which is what one would normally first assume in such a study. Sure enough my thoughts were confirmed.

Here are some of the things that caused a state to drop in ranking: no laws requiring children to wear helmets when riding bikes, low or no regulations for playground equipment at schools and parks, lack of mandatory healthcare coverage for children, low standards for car seats, etc. In other words, states with liberal governments that have tons of government interference in raising your kids will keep you kids safe while states that let parents decide how to raise their kids are very unsafe states.


Mimi said...

I knew you'd post this topic here =), guess I had my comment covered from the email =)

Dee said...

Why am I not surprised?

Happy Easter Shane and Mimi!!

Jean Ohlerking said...

by these standards, i was raised in a very very dangerous society. no seatbelts in any cars. playgrounds and parks were where we learned to take turns and be courteous. safety helmets for bike riding? we just learned to ride according to the laws rules. health coverage was my mom and prayer and iodine and a bandage. come to think of it, prayer still works better than anything the government can offer. and it's free. free to anyone, any size, with any problem. thanks to Calvary.