Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Flintstone Village

It must have been nice to have a grandfather as the dictator of a country who was able to pretty much give you whatever you wanted. Well, apparently the grandkids wanted a village that looks like the Flintstones (I'm sure that is not really what they wanted but as you will see, it certainly is pretty close). Below are some pics over on Camp Slayer, which is connected to Camp Victory, of what has been dubbed, Flintstone Village.

If you zoom in on this pic you will see a very beloved state as part of the graffiti a little to the left of the tree in front.

Very cool designs and must have made for one very awesome playhouse.

However, like most things here, once you inspect closer you realize it was built very cheap

In American fashion as you can see on all the pics, soldiers have left their mark. Here is one I could totally agree with, especially since I just happened to be all LSU'd out that day (and no I didn't do it). GEAUX TIGERS INDEED!!! =)


Mimi said...

Very nice pictures. Ba Ma see Con happy, Ba Ma happy for Con. Take a good care of yourself. May God be with you.

Yeu Con Shane

Ba Ma

Views are nice, but I can't recognize the person :p


Last but not least, this message is from your Fiancee. Very nice pictures sweetie. Seeing your smile warms my heart!

Em Yeu Anh Mai Mai!

Dee said...

Wow!! How cool!!

Daniel said...

Oh the wonderful memories the "Flintstones" have bestowed upon me. I will have to send you my pics of the village. Strange how I miss Iraq when I look at the pictures, mine or anyone else's.

shannon w kirkpatrick said...

Missler has some video footage of Babylon that I saw the other day; if you can get your hands on it, check it out. Lot's of cool ruins and rebuilding...

kayne said...

Ok. I confess. I did it. I went there before you were going to go there, and put the "Louisiana Geaux Tigers!" to make you feel at home. :D