Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Suicide Bomber Recruits...PETA Outraged

More proof that Al Qaeda is running low on recruits for suicide bombers in this very shocking video. However, I think they have made a huge mistake b/c now they will have PETA protesting for sure and if bin Laden thought the US Military was tough he hasn't seen anything yet once the PETA protesters descend on Afghanistan to save the animals.

If you care for your cats, this is a much watch video! And even if you don't like cats, dogs could be next so you should still watch so you can be prepared to recognize the signs that your pets may be being recruited for terror or even the target of the next attack!!!

Ok...just incase some of you are thinking the above video is serious and don't want to watch it b/c it will be isn' is a hilarious cartoon by JibJab and I was just having a little fun with the go watch it =)


Anonymous said...

If PETA only knew about the sheep! WHAT ABOUT THE SHEEP SHANE?! We need to save them from Al Qaeda too!

Mike's America said...

Let's just SHEER Al Queda instead Anonymouse!

Cajun Tiger said...

lol...looks like I started something.