Sunday, June 18, 2006

Saddam Standup

Very funny video!!!


saddam h. said...

I like tigers. I also like hookers and cocain but that is another story. You Mr. Tiger, are very gracious to laugh at my stand-up jokes.

Perhaps you will consider purchasing my new book National Lampoon The Saddam Dump [Saddam Hussein's Trial Blog] in stores across the US. I forget are there Barnes and Nobles in Iraq? Seems to me I saw one at the mall the last time I stopped into the Sharper Image.

I also have a set of commemerative plates depicting the fallen attorneys from my defense team available from my website:

saddam h. said...

ooooo I am so sorry. I have made a mistake and hidden the url for my website above.

I hope this is not as bad as the mistake I made hidding the WMD?????

Cajun Tiger said...

Very funny Saddam...neat site.