Saturday, February 07, 2009

Praise with Caution

As anyone who reads this blog is full aware, I'm not a fan of Pres. Obama as I think he will take this country in a very wrong direction during a very vital time for our nation. However, I've been challenged by a friend that when he does do something I agree with that I give props when they are due as I've complained for 8 years that Pres. Bush never got praise for anything good he did (for example quadrupling the money giving to foreign countries and international organizations to combat HIV which liberals claim to support very strongly), especially in the MSM.

On that note I'm glad to see that yesterday he kept his campaign promise to continue to allow faith groups to compete with other non-profits for federal funding. However, I do say that with some caution though b/c of how it was announced. During the announcement it was said concerning faith groups that prohibit members that espouse different beliefs than the organization (for example Catholic organizations not supporting giving information on abortions during teenage counseling sessions), the rules would be reviewed on a case by case basis.

So, I do give him credit for maintaining a very vital program, however I will keep an eye on the initiative to see how that plays out and whether or not groups will be forced to submit to standards they don't agree with in order to continue receiving the funds.


shannon w kirkpatrick said...

awesome CT! you know that I don't agree with a lot of Obama's stands, but it is very nice to see you playing fair (unlike most media outlets) and showing not only where you disagree with Obama, but also where you are glad to see him act.

kudos to your bi-partisanship and fairness!

Ron said...

Kudos to Obama for throwing us a bone.

When the President starts truely acting bi-partisan, then so will I.

Carole Turner said...

Christianity Today has a great article about Bush's work for AIDS and Malaria. I will always respect him for getting that momentum going, even if the media wont acknowledge that HE did it, I say thank you President Bush.

Mike's America said...

WHICH groups will Obama fund?

Any that you or I would support?