Friday, December 01, 2006

Championship Weekend

While I'm sad LSU isn't playing tomorrow for the SEC Championship, two of the games being played could effect our post season.

First is of course the SEC Championship, Florida vs. Arkansas. If Florida wins then they go to Sugar and Arkansas is definitely out of BCS mix. However, if Arkansas were to win, then they would go to Sugar and Florida could potentially bump LSU from the BCS mix, so.... GEAUX GATORS!!!

Second one is the USC vs. UCLA game. While I have no doubt USC will win this game, if UCLA were to win it would potentially set up a very fun game between LSU and USC. By USC losing they would go to the Rose bowl instead of the BCS Championship and if the reports are true, LSU would be there waiting for them. That could be the game that should have been in 2003, so.... GEAUX BRUINS!!!

Now for one fun game. I've never really been a huge Army Navy game fan. However, after nearly a year working in the military environment, I have a new found appreciation for the game. This week at the Pentagon has been lots of fun with all the school spirit stuff going on. Yesterday, the Navy pep band, cheerleaders and mascot circled around the E Ring followed up by the Army band, cheerleaders and mascot doing the same today.

There have also been lots of "notes" left around the building. One for example said, "Navy thanks the Army for making it look so good in football." I'm a little torn though. My employer is the Army, so I could be a little biased in my decision. However, if I go purely on school spirit here at the Pentagon and even when I was in Iraq, creativity and just down right fun I have to say.... GEAUX NAVY!!!


Ron said...

The Florida vs Arkansas game should be interesting! Curious to see if Arkansas got over last weeks loss.

LSU vs Michigan or USC in the Rose Bowl.. smells SWEEEET!

Cajun Tiger said...

Yeah...I actually think Arkansas is the stronger team, but definitely pulling for FL to make it easier for us to go to a BCS.

I'll definitely take either in the Rose, but would rather USC.

Kayne said...

USC lost. Flordia won, and Navy won. WOO HOO!!!

LSU vs USC in the Rose Bowl.

Mark my word!

Cajun Tiger said...

Well...the one thing that could mess that up is if Florida jumps Michigan and goes to the Championship game, then Michigan would go to Rose and we would go to Sugar.

But being the SEC always gets rolled over, I'm sure Michigan who only played two top 25 teams and lost to one will get the nod as opposed to Florida who played four and beat three of them.


Kayne said...

Not smellin roses, but sweet as sugar!

They know LSU would kick USC's butt so that's why they didn't put them in the Rose bowl!


GEAUX GATORS in the Championship!

Gered Lambert said...

I sure wanted a piece of USC. We're gonna dust Notre Dame.