Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Forgotten Global Crisis

Yesterday I blogged about the forgotten war due to all the good news coming out of Iraq lately. Have you noticed another topic that has been very absent from the media? What ever happened to the end of the earth predictions for the global warming alarmists?

Maybe it has to do with FL breaking a 150 year record or maybe Switzerland having the most snow in Oct since records began or maybe it has to do with the first Oct snow in London since 1922 (on the day a Global Warming bill was being or maybe 15 degrees below normal temps in the Carolinas or how about near 125 year record cold in Cambridge (the day Al Gore spoke on Global Warming at Harvard...maybe Al Gore can stop Global Warming after all...he just needs to speak around the world and keep having record cold wherever he speaks!).

Don't worry, if this keeps up in about 5 years the lefty enviros will be warning of all the doom and gloom global cooling will bring and hope we forgot how wrong they were with global warming and the MSM will play right along.

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