Monday, November 03, 2008

My 2008 Presidential Endorsement

You would think this would have been an easy decision considering who the Dem nominee is, but it hasn't been. McCain has stuck his finger in the eye of conservatives so many times and on many levels continues to do so. However, when weighed against the prospects of an Obama presidency, I have to vote for McCain, especially due to being in a swing state.

If were in a non-swing state, I may have pulled the lever for Barr, but even then I'm not so sure b/c I fundamentally disagree with his position in Iraq, which despite current sentiment on the economy, still is the most important issue of this election.

So on my three top issues, war on terror, economy and judges, I'm comfortable choosing McCain. However, don't think for a second he will get a free pass on the issues I disagree with him on if he pulls out the victory.

Also, no matter what you hear on the news all day tomorrow...GO VOTE. The exit polls will be incredibly inaccurate, probably even more so than in '04, so don't let anything get you into thinking it is too late to make a difference. Every vote...especially in the swing states...will count!

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