Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Historic Election

While I'm obviously disappointed with the results of the election tonight, no one can deny the very historic victory. Obama's speech tonight was a very good speech as they all have been throughout the campaign. Now is the time to start governing. Will he truly work to compromise with those of us whose vote he didn't earn? Time will tell.

While I'm moving more towards full time missions and less involved in politics, I'm sure there will still be times I voice my thoughts and opinions as I'm very afraid what the policies that are sure to come will do to the country I love so much. I'll do my best as always to do it in a positive manner sticking to the issues and not attacking the person. He is the person God has allowed to be our President and we are called to honor his authority in that position as stated in Rom 13:1 - "Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God." NIV


shannon w kirkpatrick said...

Amen Shane, well said!

While personally I think my right-leaning Christian friends (I'm a moderate) are over-reacting just a tad, I do understand their concerns with the in-coming administration.

Having said that, it doesn't matter as much as we think. As Christians, our mood is based on God, not circumstances. That is why the Bible repeatedly tells us to rejoice in our trials. And we see the early Church doing just that. They had an oppressive government locally (under Herod) and broadly (under the Romans), and yet nowhere in the NT do we see a call to political arms for Christians.

While the Bible does teach that sometimes we are to change our circumstances, more often than not we are to seek how to glorify God in our persecutions. Onesimus being a slave, John and Peter accepting their whippings, Paul accepting his imprisonment, Stephen accepting his stoning, Jesus accepting His crucifixtion, etc. And in every one of those situations, they rejoiced. Sure it was difficult, but they submitted to the tough times, so that God could get glorified.

The Scriptures tell us that if we treat with love someone who has done evil to us, it shows the world that God is the most important thing to us.

And so I sincerely, passionately, strongly challenge my fellow Christians to not complain about our new President-elect, but rather submit to his rule (without breaking Biblical commandments ourselves), and thus bring glory to our Ancient of Days!

stoneonagrave said...

Excellent post. I too hope he does his best. I also hope i hear from John McCain for a long time.