Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Bad Call Game

Over the last few years, LSU vs. Auburn games have been given nicknames like the "Earthquake Game", "The Interceptions Game", "The Fire Game" etc. Well I officially label today's game "The Bad Calls Game."

Once again the refs decide the game at Auburn just like they did two years ago with that bogus call of our defensive guy falling on an offensive guy when they missed the extra point.

I'm not one to harp much on refs but when the calls are so blatantly wrong in such a close game, I can't help myself. There were 5 calls made that were extremely bad calls and effected the outcome of the game.

1. First drive of the game...3rd down...ball is caught then fumbled...refs say it was incomplete thus stopping the drive causing us to punt.

2. Pass in the endzone and the Auburn defensive player is all over our pass interference call.

3. Auburn receiver catches the ball takes at least 3 steps then is hit by Landry causing a fumble and we recover it. They didn't review it, but decided it was an incomplete pass, thus no fumble.

4. We intercept the ball...because our player collided with the receiver three yards away...pass interference is called even though due to the interception there was no way he could have caught it...ball goes back to Auburn

5. Pass interference on our receiver before a ball is tipped...pass interference is called...flag is waved off due to the tip...ball turned over on downs to Auburn.

If just the last two would have been consistent, then I wouldn't have been as upset but how can the nearly exact same scenario have two different results. If you want to say it was interference despite the interception then you would have to say it is interference despite the tip. Or the other way, if it wasn't pass interference b/c of the tip...then it wasn't pass interference b/c of the interception.

Then you also had 2 very late hits out of bounds that weren't called. Both of which, after the 15 yard personal foul penalty, would have given LSU a 1st down in field goal range.

It's very sad that such an important high profile game is decided by the refs.

Even with all of that, LSU still had a shot to win it in the last seconds if Russell wouldn't have made two poor decisions at the not throwing it away with 48 seconds left and the other throwing it to a receiver who wasn't in the endzone with time expired.

Ok...I'm done venting...thanks for listening =)


Ron said...

I feel your pain...I spoke "French" while watching those bogus calls!

Nick said...

I will say this, soon we'll be watching Kenny Irons playing on Sunday.

Cajun Tiger said...

Ron...I was pretty close myself. doubt...too bad he didn't go last year =)

PurpleTiger006 said...

If I wouldn't have been at work, I probably would be buying a new remote for my tv today.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Now CT, you guys were not the only ones that got bad calls. (smiling) I guess I could list ours one by one...but I feel they all balanced out pretty much...but you summed it up at the end there.

I was speaking FRENCH several times. (lol) I go nuts with these games....Instead of a remote it would have probably been a new TV if it turned out the other way around. Other than Auburn, LSU is definitely my only other favorite in the SEC. Family and so many friends in B.R. and N.O....I love LSU when they are not playing Auburn. (smiling)

Cajun Tiger said...

PT...thankfully I wasn't at my house, so I didn't have the remote in hand either.

Suzie...I watched the game again on Tivo just to see the calls and I looked at both sides and I would have to disagree with you there. Not that I'm saying ya'll didn't get any bad calls, but that the calls did not in any way balance or were they as momentum shifting as the ones against us.

The last interference call alone that EVERY announcer has said was a bad call would have given us 1st and 10 from the 15 with 3 minutes left. Instead being that was a fourth down play the ball was given to Auburn. That play alone had major ramifications on the game then when you add in all the others it is worse.

I'm not taking anything away from the players on both sides. They all played tremendous games, especially defense. However I would much rather being picking apart what LSU coaches and players did wrong instead of going after the Refs. Watch any post game show on any station and the first thing they mention is the bad calls, so it is just a poor loser gripe =)

kayne said...

Suzie wake up. :P haha Admit to the bad calls LSU had against them were game changing.

Both teams had great def. games. As far as the players go it was great effort by both teams.

Auburn's a good team, but LSU is MUCH better!

I'm gonna hire a private investagtor to see what new toys the refs buy with the money they recieved from the Auburn tigers. :P HAHA

Anonymous said...


Just catching up on your rants, it's been awhile...

Dan (D Vizz)