Thursday, September 07, 2006

Newt Hits It Out the Park!!!

If you aren't on Newt's weekly mailing list from Human Events, you are definitely missing out. His article this week outlines the 11 issues Repubs should rally around to maintain their Congressional majority.

I am in complete agreement with all 11, and hope Repubs in vulnerable districts are paying attention. If we lose either chamber this fall, I fully expect this to be the start of Newt's platform for his '08 presidential run, which I also fully support.


Mike's America said...

Newt rates very high in every straw poll or informal discussion I have had for 2008 Presidential possibilities.

He still has a lot of baggage, but he's been very impressive lately.

P.S. Tell your friend in DeMint's office how much the people who voted for his boss appreciate what he said yesterday.

Pondering American said...

I think Newt has like zero chance but he does have ideas. Bad idea about property rights though. That should be a state issue in my view. If the States want to pass those laws then they can

Cajun Tiger said...

PA...couldn't disagree with you more. Newt will be a very strong candidate for the primary and the general and would make an incredible President.