Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Go Vote!!!!

I'll give my thoughts on two states. My home state of LA and my current resident state of VA.

Nick over at the Conservative Cajun has a very good rundown of LA issues on the ballot. I agree with all of his amendment choices except #8. I would vote Yes on Amend #8 because it gives the local government control over its school system and takes the power away from EBR and the state. It is a great school choice amendment. Baker and Zachary have done the same and the results speak for themselves.

I also disagree with his choice for the 3rd district. I agree with his assessment on the two in his comments section and any other year I would probably lean toward Melacon, however, ultimately this year it comes down to control of the House. So, with that in mind, I would vote for Romero. The two main issues for me on that front are Iraq and taxes, both of which, based on their rhetoric and past actions, would be disastrous with the Dems in charge.

In the Virginia elections here is how I voted:
#1 (Marriage Amendment): Yes
#2 (General Assembly limitations): Yes
#3 (Tax Relief): Yes

No on any and all bond requests.

House: There aren't any real close races in the House, so I won't waste ya'll time on those. I voted for Tom Davis in my district.

Senate: George Allen

I've had several friends even through last night unsure of who they would vote for in the Senate race and while I think Allen has done a great job and will continue to do so, some think Webb would be a pretty conservative Dem. Ultimately again I gave the same reason I gave above for Melacon/Romero, even though in this case I am a very strong supporter of Allen and would not personally ever lean towards Webb in this case.

If you have any specific questions on races or issues in your state, feel free to ask and I'll try and check periodically throughout the day. This year more than any other...when in doubt, vote Republican =)

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Ron said...

Voted around 3:30pm, very looooow turn out so far.

Baker should be a shoe in