Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hallowed Be Thy Name

I just recently learned a very neat truth in this class I'm taking called "Perspectives on the World Christian Movement" about the words in the Lord's Prayer in Matt 6:9, "Hallowed be Thy Name." I've always viewed it as a statement of praise from the person praying. However, that is not the proper translation. It is actually a request of God. The proper reading of the phrase would be, "Father...sanctify your name!" or to flush it out even further, "Father, exalt Your name to the people of the earth. Cause the people of the earth to know and adore You."

In its proper context, it is completely in line with God's mission purpose that is throughout the Bible because as more people learn of God's holy name, the more people will glorify His name.

If you think missions started with the Great Commission of Matt 28:19-20, you are definitely mistaken. There are threads from Genesis to Revelations that shows God had a plan from the beginning to reach all lost people. What an amazing and loving God!!!

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