Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lesson Learned?

Have the Repubs finally learned their lesson that they have to return to fiscal discipline if they want any hope for regaining the majority? Blocking Congressional pay raises is definitely one step in the right direction.


Nick said...

Unfortunately, I just can't trust the majority of the current Republicans. How are we to believe that this was about principle when these pompus politicians had no problem raising their own pay when they were in the majority.

Let's put it this way, considering they already pay themselves around $100k/yr. and already receive medical and retirement benefits that 95% of us will never receive, any U.S. Congressman who pushes for a pay raise in the next 10 years, regardless of party, needs to be voted out. This is supposed to be a public servant job, not a get rich off the taxpayers job.

Cajun Tiger said...

Yeah it even looks like the only reason they are doing it is b/c the Dems broke the promise to not use as a campaign issue. Guess they haven't learned.