Thursday, January 18, 2007

PC Police on the Rampage

I LOVE the TV show '24'. My only issue with is has been that it has been way too politically correct in order to go out of their way to not offend Muslims. They've even gone as far as to put the whole blame for the assassination of a former President on the current President. Conspiracy theorists must have been have a field day with that one.

However, when they portray Muslims as the main driving force behind multiple terrorists attacks (by the way...who else in the world is blowing up innocent civilians without any care at all besides radical Muslims???) in America and then a nuke, CAIR is going insane. If they were to show as much outrage over real life terrorists attacks on innocent civilians as they do the ones on TV, maybe people would take them more serious.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Well said!! As you've pointed out Fox & 24 have both bent over backwards to cater to Muslims so this whining falls on deaf ears!!

CAIR has also had numerous leaders connected to terrorist activities so its hard to take anything they say seriously.

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Mike's America said...

Well 24 has this former terrorist (what's his name?) that has decided to give up terrorism. I would think the Council of American Islamic Radicals would be all in favor of that positive image.