Saturday, August 25, 2007

Getting Hot Hot Hot!

In Kuwait as I wait for my flight to Baghdad. When we arrived it was 8:30pm, thankfully the day had started to cool was only 111 degrees!


smile-n-cajan said...

hey uncle shane we are back! i'm glad it wasn't that hot! HAHA

Emily said...

If it's any consolation- the thermometer in my car said that it was 105 here in DC on Saturday.... :) Glad you made it to Kuwait safely!

Ric & Layla said...

Hey Buddy! Take care of yourself, we really miss you. Be safe! Is there anything we can pray for?

Layla: Wow. Lord, I won't complain about being hot again for the rest of the summer, I promise!!! Glad to hear travels are going smoothly, we're praying for ya!