Friday, August 31, 2007

Good Scrimmage Game

In what amounted to a great scrimmage game to shake off the cobwebs, LSU crushed Mississippi State, 45-0. While they started off a little slow, the defense like always kept them in the game until the offense woke up. Now the first big test comes next week versus Va Tech in a top 10 match up, but then there anything truly to fear from a neutered turkey??? GEAUX TIGERS!!!

Due to AFN (Armed Forces Network) thinking that an NFL preseason game was more important than the first college football game of the season with the #2 team playing, I had to listen to it via streaming audio. Hopefully a #2 vs #9 matchup next week will make their list so I can watch it, not holding my breath. The wonderful challenges of Iraq...don't worry...I'm happy to have any access to the games at all, so I'll take whatever I can get.

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Dave Miller said...

Hang in the CT. Even in Iraq, I am sure you can take some joy from SEC football.

Although I am on the liberal side of the coin, know that I hope all goes well for you and that LSU makes it through the season so they can lose to SC!