Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bush Thankathon

Dee and Mike initiated a week long Bush Thankathon on Monday to highlight all the accomplishments of President Bush over the last 8 years despite his constant barrage of fire from the left and the MSM who don't give him credit for anything.

The biggest success is keeping us safe since 9-11 by stopping multiple attacks that were in the planning stages and who knows how many total besides the several that have been declassified.

One of the main reasons he was able to accomplish this is b/c he took the fight to the terrorists and their enablers. One of the biggest threats and enablers was Saddam. History will be the judge and if Obama doesn't reverse all the progress made over the last year by removing troops to quickly, Bush's decision to invade Iraq and stick with it to the end, especially with the surge, will be a very defining moment in the region that will continue to produce positive results.

Thank you President Bush for staying on course despite the political fallout b/c it was the right thing to do!


Mike's America said...

I'm pretty confident that history will treat President Bush much better than the White House press corps, the Democrats and those stupid polls that they (the Democrats in the "news" media) took.

Dee said...

Well said!! Thanks for joining in, I will get this linked for tomorrow.