Thursday, January 01, 2009

My New Year Resolution

I was reading my daily devotion from the Purpose Driven Life Daily Devotional and it was the verse, 1Cor 2:2, and as the devotion suggested it is a great resolution for this new year:

"I resolve to know nothing...except Jesus Christ and him crucified"

Of all the other resolutions we could make, and yes I will make others as well, none are more important than this one. Paul definitely knew what was the priority of his life and left a great example for us to follow.

Our focus should be salvation in Christ alone.

It is not Christ plus good behavior. It's not Christ plus the number of Bible verses memorized. It's not Christ plus your tithe or church attendance. It's not Christ plus the wisdom gained from the latest Christian seminar.

It's simply Christ plus nothing! Christ and Christ alone!

If every Christian were to make this their New Year's resolution and keep it, 2009 will be a truly God-inspired year! That's my prayer!

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