Friday, April 13, 2007

The Only Opinion That Should Matter

The Rutgers' basketball team have accepted Imus's apology, but the spineless PC police at CBS and MSNBC still felt they had to be "above it all" and fired him. As I've said before, his comments were ridiculous and completely uncalled for. I thought his show was a train wreck waiting to happen and all he did was parade one liberal after another (Dems are going to regret losing the tons of free media he gave them as he easily had the biggest audience that was liberal slanted, which is why most of them stayed below the radar until after the ax dropped).

If he does get another show somewhere...and he will be interesting to see what he does as nearly all his "friends" stabbed him in the back while conservatives were his strongest defenders. However, the PC police have taken out a high profile figure in order to scare the rest of us straight. Jackson and Sharpton are making major hay. If they were truly so concerned about injustice, they would be holding a press conference at Duke over the gross abuse of power in that case...don't hold your breath b/c they already did a press conference on the "victims" behalf when they were still presuming guilt on the Duke players before trial. Now Sharpton is saying he will go after Rap lyrics as hard as he went after Imus...don't hold your breath on that one.


joe said...


Imus got dumped because all the sponsors bailed out... It was strictly an economical decision for CBS & NBC. If they don't have sponsors, they won't go w/ Imus.

I agree w/ you that Imus will be on satellite radio in a few months w/ a much larger audience due to all this publicity.

Carolina Conservative said...

I agree Imus was partially dumped because of sponsers bailng, but that is also partially a cop out. They all went bezerk over racist comments by a semi-lunatic. The remarks could have been denounced without such knee-jerk reaction. This is America and the land of free speech?? Right?

Personally I couldn't stand listening to the guy so I never did. But he should have been punish and then let the listeners decide his fate.

As for Rutgers University, the coach and the players, what a wonderful opportunity they were presented over these hateful comments. I admit I missed the press conference and some of the remarks, but here is what I feel the leaders at the University should have said:

"We are appalled at the comments by Don Imus. He apparently has some hate issues he needs to deal with. But we are not victems of Don Imus and none of these players could care a less what he thinks. Every one of these fine women are winners. They are champions, in the classroom, on the court, and in life."

That's the short version, but unfortunately from what I have heard and read in the media since all this broke, nobody seems interested in anything other than dwelling on the horrible damage Imus has done to these girls.

Give me a break. If any of these women are scarred for life, I would be ashamed to be their parents.

Cajun Tiger said...

Joe...I never heard one sponsor say they were dropping Imus's show, but I may have just missed those reports.

CC...very well said.