Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Political Recap

Whew...that was tougher than I thought it would be...a whole week with no political posts! Here are a few highlights from last week that are still relevant today to talk about.

Congressional overstep: Since when does the Constitution allow the Congress to negotiate foreign affairs, especially with our enemies? Pelosi going over to Syria, to talk to a terror sponsoring dictator is absurd and does nothing to strengthen this nation, but instead does lots to weaken it. Then not only does she presume to speak for the US, she also falsely claimed to speak for Israel. Gotta love Dem foreign policy...hurt the good guys...help the bad guys!

Kerry to debate environment: Apparently now that Kerry isn't running for President in '08 he can "speak the truth on environmental issues." So, if he were running, would he be lying? Actually the answer is he would be saying what the polls tell him to say at any given moment. What conviction! Any wonder why the flip-flop tag stuck?

Imus: As everyone has said, his comment was ridiculous and wrong. And if he weren't a liberal, he would have been fired on the spot as opposed to a two week suspension. However, I for one am not calling for that. Just like Rush should not have been fired for his comments on ESPN and Lott should not have been forced to resign his post after his comments, Imus should not be fired for one mistake if he is truly sorry and does his best to make amends, which it appears that he is doing his best to do. And for Sharpton and Jackson to be leading the charge is the epitome of hypocrisy after all they have done in their lives to ferment racial tensions.


JohnnyB said...

Rush didn't even criticize the players, much less use racial epithets, FWIW. Who is this Don Imus guy, anyway, you know what I mean? Who cares?

Cajun Tiger said...

JB...95% of the nation are probably asking the same question as he is no where near as popular as Rush or Hannity or the other 12 radio talk show host above him in ratings. But to the media elite and the politicos, especially the libs, he is one of them as they all regularly appear on his show. His comments were 100X worse than what Rush said which proves the point even more, but just Rush shouldn't have been fired, at this point I don't think he should be either.

FeatherIron said...

Can I tell you I totally don't get what the big deal is. I do think it's that he is a liberal, lke them, so they are extra freaked out that he said something racial because of course, only conservatives would do that. It could just be a slow news week too...

Jenny said...

After the hundreds of years the USA has persecuted african americans, they deserve to speak out against white racists like Imus. Affirmative action is good because we still need to make up for discrimination we have had against minorities for as long as we have been a country and before that. So what if their community allows it within itself with musical entertainers? They can say it and it is ok because they are talking about themselves. Y'all can't go around and cry hypocrisy when you were the original oppressors. Yeah, yeah, your grandparents didn't enslave the african americans but did they ever speak out against Jim Crow laws? Did they ever address the inequity of separate but equal? Did they look away when minorities were reaching ceilings at work or denied work altogether because of their race? Look at Louis Pasteur! His process itself contributed to the health of billions across the world but he couldn't eat at a fancy restaurant in downtown DC during his days. Reprehensible!

Cajun Tiger said...

Jenny...first off...the US hasn't even been around hundreds of years as we are barely over 200 but nice try.

Second I have no problem with them speaking out if they were the ones offended. I have major problem with the likes of Jackson and Sharpton leading the charge as they are two of the biggest race baiters ever and have no legs to stand on.

Third, MLK, Jr. has to be rolling in his grave over the left's insistance on affirmative action that gives favor purely based on the color of the skin like at the universities. Let's review his famous quote, "I have a dream that one day my children will but judged NOT BY THE COLOR of their skin, but by the content of their character." Please tell my how affirmative action that gives favor purely based on the color of one's skin meets that standard?

Fourth...ummm...Louis Pasteur? He wasn't black, nor did he ever live in the US, so that comment makes no sense much like the rest of your post.