Sunday, April 15, 2007

Take the Hint!!!

I love that time after time we keep hearing stories of global warming rallies or hearings during record cold weather or snow storms. The latest examples were rallies in Michigan today amid predictions of snow and temperature 10 degrees BELOW normal. You would think that they might get the hint!


Speechie said...

Cajun have to remember that Global Warming is actually a cause of weirdo weather...while they're getting all that snow in Michigan, Utah is getting hit with a freezing day then a blazing day, then a freezing get the warming isn't just about the earth heating and temperatures rising...though activists will focus on it because it's one of the more pertinent dangers. Global warming is also melting the polar ice caps--which is a great threat to sea and ocean levels--the more they raise the more people are in danger of a repeat Hurricane Katrina or a repeat of the Tsunamis in the east. It's also a major threat to polar wildlife. I won't sit here and list all of the other imminent dangers of global warming that have NOTHING to with the temperature of Michigan--it affects the GLOBE so you should be looking at GLOBAL affects not just America or just what suits your argument--but I will encourage you to to visit the following sites to learn more about Global Warming and the effects it is already having, even if your friends in Michigan aren't feeling them yet:

Cajun Tiger said...


First it was a Global Ice Age just 30 years ago that was going to destroy the planet as we know it.

Then it was El Nino, but that didn't create enough fear.

Now we have Global Warming.


I guess we are also the cause of Global Warming on Mars, Jupiter and Saturn as well as they have seen melting of the Ice Caps there also.

The left wing scare sites can try all they want to say we did it and we can fix it, but even if every single compound of CO2 created by humans was stopped, it would still only be less than 1% of 1% of the total amount of CO2 produced by volcanos, livestock, and all other natural processes. In other words, it would solve nothing b/c it is causing nothing on a global scale.

Jack said...

What is your take on the loss of bees? This might have some serious impacts on our crops and food prices.

Cajun Tiger said...

Jack...need more info on that...are you referring to that recent report about cell phones killing bees?

Jack said...

No, there is an enormous loss of bees this year threatening our crops. Check it out here:

Jack said...