Sunday, July 27, 2008

Alaska Breaking Summer Temp Record

Most people reading that headline that have been duped by the manmade global warming fanatics (MGWF) will automatically think that Alaska is about to break a summer HEAT record. Not so fast! Alaska is actually on the verge of having the COLDEST summer ever. So far this summer there have only been seven 65-degree days. The record for least days over 65 degrees is 16, and most weather forecasters don't see this year hitting that mark.

Don't worry though. The MGWF's and their MSM allies aren't giving up that easy. Even though one hot year or one bad year of hurricanes is enough to ring the alarms worldwide, one year in the opposite is just an anomaly. It's all La Nina's is the phrase that the MGWFs need to learn...WEATHER CYCLES!!!

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Mike's America said...

It hasn't been super hot around here this summer. Very few days above 92 as compared to prior summers where you WISH it was only 92.

And of course all the latest NASA satellite and NOAA ocean temperature monitoring devices are reporting that there is no global warming.

The alarmist scare is A LIE!