Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tony Snow, RIP

Politico just sent out a breaking news alert saying that Tony Snow has died of cancer. He will be greatly missed. He was hands down one of the best White House spokesman ever.


Lesley said...

I was saddened when I learned that Tony Snow had passed away. He brought a "realness" and a "human side" to what we see most times from a press secretary. He seemed like a genuinely kind, funny man. He was so young. Cancer is a horrible disease. I've watched family members die from it as well, and it indeed heartbreaking.

I pray that God provides comfort and peace to his family and friends in this incredibly difficult time. I pray that his family will hold on to the wonderful memories that they have of him and that they will be proud of the man Tony Snow was.

GodSpeed Mr. Snow.


Dee said...

So many tears........ Best Whitehouse spokesman ever... They showed footage of him when he left the Whitehouse and there was this huge crowd that gave him a standing ovation.

I remember hearing a tape years ago where David Limbaugh who is a born again Christian said that he had personally talked to both Sean Hannity and Tony Snow and believed both of them to be saved and genuine Christians. That gives me great comfort. Our loss is heaven's gain.

He still leaves a gaping hole here that can never be replaced.