Thursday, July 31, 2008

Have You Considered Suicide?

The title of this post is an actual question asked to an actual patient by the government run health care system in Oregon where physician assisted suicide is legal. So much for the argument that passing this law wouldn't led to eugenics. Hitler would have been proud.


Anonymous said...

As horrible as this story is I agree with the 5% rule. I cannot see tax payers paying 4k a month for medicine when she has less than a 5% chance of making it. Now if she would have her own medical coverage that would be different since she was paying premiums. But I don't think tax payers should pay for the treatment just because.
To the larger issue this is why gov't controlled medicine does not work and people should be responsible for paying for their own medical care.
I don't want to sound heartless but I don't have a problem with physician assisted suicide. There is nothing worst than watching a love one suffer when there is no chance of making it. To watch them fade away is hard on everyone involved including the patient and every one should have the option of going out with dignity.

Cajun Tiger said...

I don't necessarily have a problem with the 5% rule either, but I don't think doctors should be in the business of killing people...kinda goes against the whole hippocratic oath and stuff. And definitely should not have a bureaucrat suggesting such an option just to save money.