Friday, August 01, 2008

I'm Paying for WHAT???

Do you believe that the only issue with two guys having oral sex is whether they are using a condom or not? Do you believe that a girl dropping her pants and asking others to look to see if she has an STD or not is appropriate? Do you believe that friends should be supportive and encouraging about masturbation because abstinence is tough? Do you believe that the answer to STDs, teenage pregnancy and the like is that you just need to explore and know yourself "down there" better?

Well if you don't agree with any of those things, guess what? It doesn't matter because you are paying to have those things taught. That's right. Planned Parenthood which receives over $400million annually from Title X "family planning" tax supported funds is spreading those messages online with their new video website, Take Care Down There. Warning: It is even more graphic than the above questions.


Mike's America said...

"Warning: It is even more graphic than the above questions. "

Now, that's going to make sure people view the video.

Jean Ohlerking said...

i checked out the video shortly after you posted this info. it made me mad.

then i saw parts of this video on bill o'reilly tonight. he kept it "clean" as you can for family tv. i'm disgusted about it and so is o'reilly. maybe his voice will be heard.

and they make fun of kids who promise to wait. at least the "waiters" don't have to worry about std's.