Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav Prayer Request

As of right now Hurricane Gustav is headed on a direct path towards Lafourche Parish where I grew up. They are predicting it will be either a Category 3 or possibly even 4 when it hits land which will mean major destruction. Lafourche and all surrounding parishes have been ordered a mandatory evacuation, but of course my family isn't listening as they are all as of now planning on riding it out.

So my first request would be for a change in their decision, and if that doesn't happen then my second request is for their safety.


Ron said...

Sorry to hear about your families decision to ride out the storm. Whatever the winds don't destroy the floods will. I know from experience.

"Pray for the best. Prepare for the worst." Bobby Jindal

dan ohlerking said...

we'll keep them in our prayers. gustav is big, but God is still bigger.

stoneonagrave said...

we evacuated...including my dad...if i hear anything...i'll comment...seems the town has had some wind damage...the storm surge warning lasts until 9...hopefully it won't top but we hear concerns for golden meadow and galliano.