Sunday, August 17, 2008

McCain 1 - Obama 0

Last night's Saddleback forum was the first time McCain and Obama have "met" on the same stage. If you didn't watch it, try to see the repeats over the next couple of days b/c it was very informative. It is very clear why Obama is avoiding debates as much as possible, especially the town hall type forum. McCain was clearly the winner last night and it wasn't even close.

On life, Obama fumbled big time trying to make a joke when asked when does life begin saying that was above his pay grade to determine. McCain was unequivocal, conception.

On evil, Obama put the US in the same category as Darfur and didn't even discuss terrorism or al Qaeda. McCain was very clear who was the agent of evil in our time.

On taxes, if you or your small business makes more than $250K a year, Obama let you know that you will be paying more taxes under his administration. McCain was very clear that taxes need to be lowered.

On faith based groups, Obama said they should not be allowed to keep their convictions if they receive federal funding. McCain was very clear that no strings should be attached.

The one things I will give Obama credit for is his unequivocal definition of what it meant to be a Christian to him. McCain was equally as clear.

McCain needs to get his stories out more about his time in the prison camp. The two stories he told last night about sacrificing his freedom for his code of conduct and friends as well as his story about the Christian guard say so much about the man he is and everyone needs to know that side of him.


Mike's America said...

Last night's forum was a perfect example of why we won't see more debates from Obama than the big ones in October.

Obama was weak, waffling and not at all what we want to see in a potential Commander in Chief.

Rob N. said...

Good to see you back safe & sound...

I haven't seen the forum yet but I tivo'd it...

You may have seen this:

Dee said...

I was pleasantly surprised at how:
1) Rick Warren asked good questions

2) Well McCain did

It was encouraging. If McCain can do more things like this he may have a chance of actually getting some of the base out to vote.

Ron said...

I totally agree.

McCain was more clear and direct in answering Pastor Rick's questions than Obama, which is why Obama ran out of time.
I feel ALOT better now about voting for McCain than I did before Warren's forum...I'm not gonna hold my nose.

Cajun Tiger said...

Rob...thanks for the article, I had not seen it and I totally agree with everything he says.

Ron...I may still hold my nose but just want have to vomit after ;)

And to show that Obama knows he got slaughtered all he can say is that McCain must have cheated and of course the MSM is aiding Obama in this, so sad.

Nancy said...

I couldn't even understand Obama's wishy-washy answers, but I won't waste time trying to since he's apt to change them tomorrow. TURD!

McCain was amazing--Straightforward, clear, concise, and spoken with conviction. We know what we're getting with this man; he never wavers. Honor, integrity...McCain is a real leader.

How can anybody even think of voting for the Obamanable Showman over McCain? Come ON!