Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What's Missing?

Ok...let's play a game. Read this AP article on Jefferson's indictment. Then, let me know what is missing. Tomorrow I'll post the answer if no one guesses correctly.


Bruce said...

His party affiliation is never mentioned.

The AP doesn't like to mention that the criminal is a Democrat.

Nick said...

What party is this Mr. Jefferson a member of?

That said, we've still had our own issues with Delay, Foley, and Cunningham. I don't think Repubs. are in a position right now to point the finger in regards to ethics.

Cajun Tiger said...

Bruce...very good.

Nick...I agree, but the point of this post as you will see by my post tomorrow, is once again liberal bias in the media.

Bruce said...

James Taranto noticed this and published it in the WSJ opinionjournal.com web page.


Shane said...

I hadn't read it yet on the WSJ Best...I did see it online on a blog which I will give credit to today in my post.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Its funny because I have this blog tracker feature that I just enabled through fire fox and usually it never works right but as soon as I went to that article the blog thing popped up with another blog post saying that the AP didn't point out Jefferson's party affiliation. So I found out right away before even having to read the article. I wish it worked that well on everything else :-).

As for what Nick said Foley was definitely despicable, I don't know about Cunningham but I believe Delay to be innocent. Whereas, they have Jefferson on video tape, as guilty as sin!!

Bruce said...

To the best of my knowledge, what Foley did was imoral but not ilegal.

He contacted a young man over the age of consent who was not his employee or family member with inappropriate comments.

May not be fare to lump him in with convicted criminals like DeLay and Cunningham.

For that matter, DeLay was not guilty of lining his own nest - like Jefferson and Cunningham - but of using his office to forward his political agenda. While he was convicted of felonies, I still don't put him in the same category.

Cajun Tiger said...

Unless I missed something when I was in Africa...Delay has never been convicted of anything and as LMC said, I doubt he ever will be as it was a politically trumped up indictment by a partisan hack DA to take advantage of the Repub rule in the House that anyone in leadership had to step down if indicted.

Nick said...

My comment above wasn't accusing all of those name of criminal actions, as Cunningham so far is the only convicted criminal, however, the ethics of Delay and certainly Foley are not something to be proud of at all.

We can point the finger at conservative voters for staying home, voting 3rd party, or even voting Dem. last November in trying to send the Repub. Party a message (I almost wrote in "Jake Delhomme"), but rather than blaming conservative voters, we should be looking at our elected Republican officials.

Is the media fair? No. But we know this and we know the TV media will ALWAYS favor the Dems. Regardless, there is absolutely no excuse for the actions of some of our elected Repub. officials.