Sunday, September 23, 2007

Columbia Digging Deeper Hole

Isn't there an old saying that says something to the effect of "if you are in a hole over your head, quit digging"? Apparently the dean of Columbia University hasn't heard of that saying. He is continuing to defend his decision to invite the Iranian leader to speak on campus. To make his point even more clear, he is now saying, were Hitler alive, he would certainly have a platform available for him at Columbia!

So, as I pointed out in the last post on this topic, the reason Columbia won't allow the ROTC on campus is due to the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy of the military. And what was the Nazi policy towards homosexuality?

By German law, homosexuality was a crime. After the prison sentences most homosexuals were automatically shipped to concentration camps. In 1935, a new law legalized the `compulsory sterilization (often in fact castration) of homosexuals.' A special section of the Gestapo dealt with them. Along with epileptics, schizophrenics and other `degenerates', they were being eliminated. Yet homosexuality was still so widespread that in 1942 the death penalty was imposed for it in the army and the SS. Vera Laska

Germany even executed homosexuals in the military! Once again the question is asked of Columbia, if the military executed homosexuals, as approved by both your speakers Ahmadinejad and Hitler, opposed to simply discharging them from the military, would the ROTC be invited back to campus?


Dee said...

I am beyond ticked off about this and we are not alone. A huge protest is planned for this and you can bet if I were there this is one protest I would be joining.

Confessions of A Drama Mama said...

Ignorance! Wow it really takes an event like this to open my eyes to how many "educated" fools we have out there.

Blademonkey said...

I like to tell people that you don't have to be a genius to be educated. The people at Columbia proved it for me.

Might want to tell anyone with a degree from Columbia to go get a refund.