Friday, September 28, 2007

How Do They Do It?

There are lots of married people here in Iraq. I understand the military peeps because they had no choice. However, I'm having a hard time understanding the contractors who are married and here for several years. I've only been here one month, I'm not married, but I am missing Mimi like crazy. There is NO way I could do this if I were married. No way I could be away from my spouse for such a long period voluntarily. Granted there are some situations that you can't avoid and have to deal with it, but I'm pretty sure, at least in my mind, that this would not be one of them. I'm always one to never say never, but I'm as close to saying it as I ever would that I would never voluntarily work in another country for an extended period of time without my spouse being there with me!

This is going to be a long year as I've just now passed the one month mark and it has felt like forever. Way harder than last time when I didn't have an absolutely amazing girl waiting at home for me!

Sorry if that was to touchy feely for some of you, but that's what is on my heart right now =)


meghan matt said...

i like the touchy feely!! i totally understand what you mean... i could never be without chris for more than a week, much less a year! as much as i support our president and his decision to go to war, this war has torn up lots of marriages, and that's a loss just as tragic as lives lost. we will be praying for you and mimi!!! you rock!!!

Dee said...

Yah, its hard to fathom being away from your spouse when you are a contractor. Like you point out its hard enough when you are in the military but even then its extremely tough on families.

I spent a summer on a military base once for a missions trip in Puerto Rico. I got a huge glimpse into how tough military life was. You have husbands that go away and their babies are born while they are gone and they come back and they are 9 months old. They've missed almost their entire first year of life. Unfathomable!!

All the more reason we should be thank-ful for their sacrifices.

mimi said...