Saturday, September 15, 2007

Risking It All for Freedom

I have said many times that if we pull out to quickly that any Iraqi who helped Coalition forces would be slaughtered. The Iraqis know this as well. Some take great risks to help. Here is just one personal example and there are many, many more.

Last year when I was here, one of the Iraqis we worked with, Ali (not his real name), was kidnapped. We all feared the worse. I left not knowing what happened to him but figuring he was probably murdered. Just a few days ago, I found out that he is back working with us again. He was kidnapped and tortured. Thankfully someone was able to get him released in time, or I'm sure he would have eventually been killed.

Now most people after an incident like that probably would decide that they had paid their dues to help and go about living their life in safety. Not Ali. As soon as he was able, he started working again for the freedom of his nation, which he knows is only possible with the help of America, until Iraq is able to help themselves. That is why I'm here doing whatever I can to make sure Ali's sacrifice and the sacrifices of many others aren't in vain.


FeatherIron said...

More then ever we have to pray for wisdom for those that make these decisions. And pray for the people of Iraq. Christian's need to be praying daily for our president and congress to tread lightly and wisely when deciding the issue of Iraq. It is a huge burden that our president bears. No matter what anyone thinks of his decision to go to Iraq, we are there and we have to pray that the Presidents does God's will in deciding what now.

BrianFH said...

No wonder you feared the worst; but it's hard to keep an inspired man down, much less a nationful of them.

IMO, the US should do everything possible to support and reward these guys; the terps are tops!

Anonymous said...

Got here from Iraq the Model, thanks for your service. Can't say I'm gonna buy you a beer probably because you're not the drinking type. I'll hoist a cold root beer float in your honor the next time I get a chance to grab one. Do have faith, seems like the Lord's putting you there for a reason, I'll keep you in mind when I pray.

Thanks again for going.

Bishop "The Spork" Gaines

Cajun Tiger said...

FI...Praying for that every day!

Brian...thanks for dropping in and come back any time! I hope we do eventually.

BG...welcome and come back any time...thanks for your prayers! Just want to be clear thought that I'm a contractor and not in the military. They are the real heros and I'm just here to support them as best I can.

Dee said...

Wow, what an inspirational and powerful story. Thanks for sharing it with us.