Thursday, September 13, 2007

Conflict of Feelings

Here is a quote from a NYTimes article that is exactly what I've been saying is the feelings of the Iraqis based on being here last year and again this time. Publicly and boldly they state the first sentiment for fear of death if they don't. However, privately they express the second. Hopefully this article is the beginning of a reverse of that trend in that they will start saying publicly what they believe privately.

A city worker in Baquba, the capital of Diyala Province, described his ambivalence in strong terms.

“The withdrawal of the occupation forces is a must because they have caused the destruction of Iraq, they committed massacres against the innocents, they have double-crossed the Iraqis with dreams,” said Ahmad Umar al-Esawi, a Sunni worker. “I want them to withdraw all their troops in one day.”

But, he added, dropping his voice: “There is something that I want to say although I hate to say it. The Americans forces, which are an ugly occupation force, have become something important to us, the Sunnis. We are a minority and we do not having a force to face the militias. If the Americans leave, it will mean a total elimination of the Sunnis in Iraq. “I know I said I want them to leave, but if we think about it, then I have to say I want them to stay for a while until we end all the suspicions we have of each other and have a strong national government.”


Karen said...

I'm here from your comment to Debbie at Right Truth. Her post yesterday about the Iranian attack on Camp Victory was a surprise to me. I appreciated reading your response.

I lived in Louisiana most of my life. We moved here to Houston from Lafayette. Our son was born there.

Be safe.

Cajun Tiger said...

Welcome aboard. Drop in any time! Always space for more Cajuns =)