Sunday, December 02, 2007

BCS Bowl Predictions

ESPN is having selection Sunday at 7pm eastern (yes I'm staying up to watch!), so I figured I'd give my predictions before they do. I have two sets of predictions. The first is how I think it should be, and the second is how I think it will be because the SEC always gets messed over.

How it should be:
Orange: VA Tech vs WV
Rose: USC vs Mizzou
Fiesta: OU vs Ariz St.
Sugar: Georgia vs Hawaii
Championship: Ohio St. vs LSU

How I think it will be:
Orange: Georgia vs WV
Rose: USC vs Mizzou
Fiesta: OU vs Ariz St
Sugar: LSU vs Hawaii
Championship: Ohio St. vs VA Tech

I think Georgia and Kansas will both be rightfully jumped being neither of them made it to their conference championship game. I think Mizzou, despite having two loses both to OU, deserves a BCS game more than Kansas b/c Kansas shouldn't even be in top 10 as I expressed in previous post. I think Florida should be in a game instead of Ariz St., but due to BCS rules the most you can have is two teams from one conference which leaves Florida out. And finally as LSU should jump VA Tech due to LSU CRUSHING them head to head, being the SEC Champs, and for having the toughest schedule of all the teams. We'll see how close I am. I'm obviously hoping for the way I think it should be.


Brandon Buckner said...

big shocker on your pick for the NC! I know you guys crushed VT, but out of all the 2-loss teams, VT has the most wins over teams with winning records (6) and both of their losses are to ranked teams (LSU and BC).

How it REALLY should be:
orange: vt vs. wvu
rose: usc vs. georgia
fiesta: mizzou vs. arizona st.
sugar:lsu vs. hawaii
championship: tOSU vs. OKLAHOMA!


Cajun Tiger said...

As Corso would say...not so fast my friend...LSU has wins over 7 teams with winning records and 2 more bowl eligble at .500. Plus two WINS over current top 10 teams and the two losses were to two very good teams in triple overtime that have both been ranked with a Heisman candidate on one. OU has wins over 6 teams with winning records and only 1 current top 10 so if those are your measures...sorry...its GEAUX TIGERS for the Championship game if we are going by strength of schedule.

Brandon Buckner said...

haha, that deserves a "yo!"

okay let's move this away from strength of schedule and turn it into number of times each team has been ranked no. 1 and lost :)

Ron said...

CT, I agree with everything you have said. But...I wouldn't be surprised if the pollsters would just simply move the #3 and #4 teams up, Ohio St and Georgia for the NC.

I'm hoping for LSU vs Ohio St.

what a mess...

Rob N. said...

You were right, CT...

And I think that is the best solution to a terribly failed system.

We need at least a 4 team playoff. Perhaps an 8 team playoff. But a play-off that will preserve the integrity of the regular season but still getting us a true champion.

I think LSU is going to crush Ohio State, badly... Another bad National Championship game.

Cajun Tiger said...

Needs to be at least 8 team playoff at a minimum, maybe even 16 which would only take 4 weeks to finish. That would allow all 11 conference winners to have automatic bids and 5 at large bids for the independents if they are in top 16 and more than one team from a conference.

Rob N. said...

I'll accept 8, but 16 is too many...

We need to keep the best aspect of college football, the integrity and importance of the regular season. No other popular sport places such importance on the regular season... that is what is so great about NCAA football each & every week.

If you have a 16 team play-off, you can lose and not worry about it.