Friday, December 07, 2007

Installment #12 - Great Iraq News

As nearly everyone is now admitting, even Murtha and the MSM, the surge has brought down the violence in Iraq. Next thing the Dems are complaining about though is governance. As President Bush has maintained, security had to come first then the government would have the ability to focus on governance issues. Looks like that is now starting to happen as well according to this release: Sunni, Shia and Kurds are all meeting together discussing reconciliation and the security for the event is handled completely by Iraqi forces. Sounds like great progress to me and less ammunition for the Dems to use in claiming civil war! Now maybe if they would pass a Approps bill that gives the troops the money they need to finish the job instead of continuing to try and score political points with their base by passing bills that will never see the light of day, we can make even more progress here and go home.

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Mike's America said...

Another Sunday when the news talk programs omitted discussing Iraq altogether.

You know we are winning when the Democrats would rather talk about ANYTHING else!

They're onto this business about the CIA destroying interrogation tapes of Abu Zubayda and friends so they can't be used for propaganda.

The subtext is the Democrat's dissapointment that they can't gin up the "see how bad we are" machine again the way they did with Abu Ghraib!