Thursday, December 13, 2007

How Many Heisman Winners Have Been Aborted?

A frequent point made by pro-life advocates is that we have no idea who we are killing due to the millions of abortions. We could have killed the person who would have found the cure for AIDS or maybe the next Michelangelo or even the next Heisman Trophy winner. Well, Florida Gator fans are certainly happy that Tim Tebow's mom went against her doctor's advice and didn't abort.

His mom contracted a disease during pregnancy and the doctor said the treatment would cause irreparable harm to the unborn baby and recommended abortion. She refused. Well as many college football fans know if Tim is irreparably harmed, we would hate to see if he wasn't! Now you know why his first line of his acceptance speech was to thank his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because had his parents not had that same faith, he very well may not have been accepting that trophy as he wouldn't even be alive today.

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Flag Gazer said...

Wonderfully said - and people need to hear it.