Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's Official!!! LSU Going to BCS Championship Game!!!

Looks like my predictions of how it should be were pretty close. Here is the official 2007 Bowl Schedule. And here is the breakdown for the BCS games and my thoughts and predictions:

Orange: Va Tech vs Kansas - I absolutely disagree with this one and think Mizzou has every right to be upset. Kansas lost to Mizzou, is ranked lower than Mizzou, didn't play in the conference championship and had a absolutely cupcake schedule with only three teams on their schedule with winning records and one top 25 team, Mizzou. VA Tech will slaughter Kansas.

Fiesta: OU vs WV - should be a good match up with both QBs healthy but I think OU will easily defeat them.

Rose: USC vs Illinois - I didn't think the Illini would be eligible or I would have predicted this game and left Az St out of my earlier predictions. This will be an interesting matchup. Both teams have played excellent in the last weeks, but with a month off, you never know. I'll take USC but a lot closer than everyone will be predicting.

Sugar: Georgia vs Hawaii - Hawaii will be given a very rude awakening to a real conference.

Championship: LSU vs Ohio St. - well ya'll know my prediction for this one =) If LSU plays to their potential and with hopefully Dorsey back at full strength and Doucet, I honestly don't think this will even be close. GEAUX TIGERS!!!


FeatherIron said...

I got a great pic on my blog of Dean at the moment it LSU was playing Ohio State.

kayne said...

GEAUX TIGERS!!!! Now we'll shut up the Ohio State fans with a convincing win over the flowers!

Ron said...

Thank you Kurt Herbstreet! Not only did you help LSU keep their coach, Miles will probably end up whipping your beloved buckeyes.

Geaux Tigers!

Emily said...

I'm sorry- that's "THE Ohio State University." Refering to the University by any other name is strictly prohibited and will result in a $1000 fine.

GEAUX TIGERS! I'm very excited that they made the championship!